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About Darjeeling Tea Estate

Darjeeling is one of India’s most popular hill stations, it has some of the most scenic tea plantations that produce around 25% of India’s total tea output. It was one of the first commercial tea gardens set up by the British government on an experimental basis in the year 1852 and now-a-days it’s owned by one of the corporates in India.

A lush green tea garden in an around 500 hectares, tea plantations cover approx 200 hectares and it’s located at a zero pollution area in between Darjeeling & Jorethang towns. It is a low altitude garden ranging from 1500 ft. to 2800 ft MSL facing North. It is situated in rain shadow area and uses sprinkler irrigation system operated by gravitational force that covers 75% of the garden. It has a nursery (95% success), timber (25,000 Sal Trees), bamboo forest and guest houses. A stream of Rangeet river multiplies its scenic beauty.

A state-of-the-art factory with all the necessary branded as well as fully-functional machineries and equipment make it a cake-walk to produce the best quality teas for exporting in its ready market in Europe. Apart from tea plantations & productions, the nature and beauty of the garden makes it an ideal place for tea-tourism & Bio-tech Park.

Hence, this beautiful as well as multi-purpose tea estate with around 500 hectares land is available for sale only @ Rs.1500/- per cottah approx. It’s now or never opportunity for the intending buyers.

Short story of our garden

It is a low Altitude garden ranging from 1500 ft.to 2800 ft MSL facing North. It is situated in rain shadow area but the garden has 75 % area under sprinkler Irrigation. The garden is well connected with roads and pagdandies for better supervision and working convenience. The main road connects Darjeeling & Jorethang, from Darjeeling the garden is 16 Kms.& Jorethang which is one of the main town of Sikkim state is only 7 Kms. from the factory. The garden produces early good first flush tea and fetches premium prices. The contribution of February & March crop is approx. 20% of the total crop. Every year the quality of tea is improving. The garden has its own Nursery. It has also timber & bamboo forest. The garden has taken up massive developmental work such as Uprooting, Replanting & soil rehabilitation.

Special features

Producing best quality first flush teas from the month of February onwards

North Tukvar Tea Estate

Area under cultivation of tea: 195.48 Hectare

Welfare Activities

The garden has all round welfare activities including sports & games, cultural Area under cultivation of tea: 195.48 Hectare programmes, health & hygiene, village sanitation, regular religious activities and comprehensive nature conservation programmes. Recently the garden and Darjeeling group as a whole is undergoing Fair Trade certification programme which will cover various other welfare measures remained untouched so far.

Certificates Awarded

1SO 9001:2008 certified by Tuv India Pvt. Ltd.
HACCP certified by Tuv India Pvt. Ltd.
We are Fair Trade Certified
We are Rain Forest Alliance Certified.

Awards and Achievements

The garden has 95 % success rate of its own Nursery. The garden produces 250 to 300 Tons vermicompost in a year.

P.O. & District: Darjeeling, Pin – 734101 (West Bengal)
E-mail : northtukvar@birlatea.com
16 Kms from Darjeeling town towards North on the way to Jorethang town of Sikkim State.

North Tukvar Tea Company Limited is a subsidiary of Jayshree tea and industries limited, public incorporated on 12th February 1965. it is classified as non-government company and is registered at registrar of companies Kolkata. it is involved in wholesale of agriculture raw materials, live animals, food beverages and tobacco.

Share capital and employees

Authorized share capital rupees 8 crore
Pade up capital rupees two crore 40 lakh 37500
Number of employees 700 approx.
Annual general meeting AGM
AGM last held 28 September 2020
Balance sheet last file 31st March 2020


North Tukvar is a low altitude garden ranging from 1500 ft to 2800 ft msl situated 16 kms from Darjeeling and 7 kms from Jorethang which is one of the main towns of Sikkim state and is well connected by road network.

Acquired by Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd. In 1995, the group has invested massively in developmental work like uprooting, replanting and soil rehabilitation which has led to improvement in quality year after year. The garden is in a rain shadow area but 75% of the garden uses sprinkler irrigation by gravitational force. The garden also has it’sown nursery and timber and bamboo forest. The estate has Fair Trade certification, ISO 1901:2008 awarded by TUV NORD and also HAACCP Today, the North Tukvar garden is known for producing the best quality of first flush teas.

  • The best quality first flush teas.
  • 25% of the garden under high quality clonal
  • 95% success rate of it’s own nursery.
  • Produces 250 to 300 tons of vermicompost

Incorporated on 27th October 1945, Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is a part of well diversified conglomerate of B.K Birla Group. This group has been an inspiration for generations of Indian entrepreneurs; the Birlas are looked upon as the First Family of India Inc., reflecting quality, reliability and leadership since pre independence time. Today, Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is the third largest tea producer in the world with 27 Tea Estates spread across India and also owns tea estates in the best quality tea producing belt of East Africa. The company has its own tea processing factories, Tea Packaging and warehousing facilities. Besides tea, Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is also in Chemicals and Fertilizers, Sugar, Real Estate and Education sectors

Key Highlights

  • All the teas of India under one roof. India’s only tea company with own estates in every tea growing area of the country One of the few Indian tea companies to own and operate tea gardens outside India.
  • One of the biggest producer of specialty teas, and a proud member of the Specialty Tea Institute, USA
  • Our output is around 3% of India’s tea output and 11% of total Darjeeling tea output.
  • Teas are packed right at the gardens to preserve their fresh aroma, natural composition and freshness.

Strong Financials — uninterrupted track record of paying dividend since inception of the company in 1945. The last five years dividends have averaged 33%

Garden location & Contact

9 Kms to the North East of Darjeeling Town.
P. O. & District: Darjeeling, Pin — 734101 (West Bengal)

Overlooking the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga — the world’s third highest mountain range, the Puttabong Tea Estate is located at an altitude of 1500 to 6500 feet msi and spread across 22 kms ending in the snow fed Rangeet river. This garden is one of the biggest tea estate in Darjeeling comprising of 5 divisions located at a stretch of
approximately 20 Km from Darjeeling city to Sikkim State border. Puttabong — which literally means house of green leaves has number of distinctions to itself.

This garden is planted with Darjeeling Clonal, Chinary bushes and Clonal tea stock especially developed to meet the agro climatic conditions of the area. In order to have a long term sustainable cultivation practices with an objective of producing healthy and safe tea, the garden is practicing IPM for a long time. The garden has been very particular in ecological upgradation and maintaining bio-diversity since many years. Different types of annual grasses, Leguminous Crop, short height shrubs and tall trees are planted in fallow land, boundaries of the section and vacant patches. Besides this, for sustainable production the garden has huge plant of Vermicompost, Cattle farming and making of liquid fertilizers with local herbs. The pure mountain air, unique soil and altitude at the Puttabong tea estate along with the utmost care and quality standards implemented by Jayshree Tea management produces the finest of Darjeeling teas appreciated by discerning buyers around the world.

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