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In India Real-Estate is expanded to steer positive development for entire Sector , especially with the Gov’t (policy initiatives such as “Housing for all” the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) stepping in to Support and promote its growth, this will attribute to increasing business activity, improved job markets, and higher income levels, all of which will inevitably lead to a rise in Real-Estate demand, But prospective Buyers, Sellers, and other service requirements related could only find successful results if they could connect dependable professionals / service providers.

Here you could trust Reacs Team to deliver their best, support service , strong Sales outcome, – Delivery the best for your requirements.

Debanjan sengupta

Reacs Team founded by professionals & Experienced team Aspire to make Real-Estate properties and space beautiful by – Creating “ Value in the appearance “ So that your Sale, purchase dreams, Goals Sync to accomplishment.


Debak Ray Chowdhury

Success comes from sound marketing knowledge, hard work and attention to detail and I am committed to getting the right deal for all of my customers.

CEO, Business Group.

Susmita Dey Bhowmik

I am fully committed to my clients and to the real estate industry. I can offer integrity, market knowledge and an unending desire to succeed for you.

Reacs offers a high level of commitment by making sure you are constantly kept up-to date with regular feedback that is honest and informative.

Senior Coordinator

Debanco Das

Senior Advocate High court – Chief Legal Advisor.

Haresh Patel

Financial Adviser, Chartered Accountant.

Bapi Parida

Director, IT Partner, Elrick Technology PVT LTD

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Reacs aims to provide it’s Real-Estate Service and support in establishing Living Space to all Sections of society Since Reacs family believe that shelter and livelihood are the primary needs for every human being.
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